Technolloy is is a first rate Brass Flanges offered in grades like CW505L metal Flanges, CZ106 metal Flanges, CuZn30 metal Flanges, CW508L metal Flanges, CZ108 metal Flanges, CuZn37 metal Flanges, CZ112 metal Flanges, CW712R metal Flanges, CuZn36Sn1 metal Flanges, CZ121 metal Flanges, CW614N metal Flanges, C26000 Cartridge Brass Flanges, C27200 Basis Brass Flanges, C46400 Naval Brass Flanges, C36000 Free Machining Brass Flanges, C38500 Free Cutting Brass Flanges.We are a fundamental Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter of Brass Flanges in various shapes, for instance, Brass Slip-On Flanges, Brass Weld Neck Flanges, Brass Blind Flanges, Brass Threaded Flanges, Brass Socket Weld Flanges, Brass Lap Joint Flange, Brass Orifice Flanges, Brass Spectacle Flanges and Brass Tongue Groove Flanges as indicated by the clients requirments.


  • Size Range: 1/2” to 24”
  • Rating: Class 150 to 2500 Flanges | PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40, PN 64 upto PN 160
  • Type of Flanges: Brass Weld-Neck Flanges, Brass Socket-Weld Flange, Brass Lap-Joint Flange, Brass Orifice Flange, Brass Tongue-Grove Flange, Brass Blind Flange, Brass Threaded Flange, Brass Slip-On Flange, Brass Spectacle Flange, Brass Plate Flanges
  • Form: SORF, BLRF, WNRF, SWRF, LJRF, LWNRF, RTJ, Flat Face, Ring Type, Raised Face
  • Origin: Indian Origin, European Origin, Japanese Origin
  • Testing and Documents: Mill Test Certificates, EN 10204 3.1, Chemical Reports, Mechanical Reports, Destructive Test Report, Non Destructive Test Reports, PMI Test Reports, Visual Inspection Reports, Third Party Inspection Reports, NABL Approved Lab Reports
  • Packing: Packed in Wooden Boxes, Bubble wraps, Steel Strips Bundled, or as per Customers Requests

Our Exports:

Technolloy Inc. Exports Pipes and Tubes in Gulf Countries of Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) furthermore in Eupropean nations of Netherland,Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.Also in districts, for example, United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, France, New Zealand, Angola, Congo, Kenya, Lebanon, and so forth